Quotes From Educational Entrepreneurs

Source: The Educational Entrepreneur: Making a Difference
by Donald E. Leisey, EdD and Charles Lavaroni, MA

"If anybody were to ask me what it took to do what we've done, I would say persistence. That is the key to life and success...without persistence, long-term success does not happen. You also have to know how to find the people who can help. You have to be able to trust them, to allow them to grow." - Barbara B. Baker, Founder, Challenger Schools

"Unless you have had broad experience, directly or indirectly, plus a very recognizable product to offer, then I would say you better stay where you are. It's a tough market (education), it has always been tough and will continue to be tough. But the challenge is exciting, and the possibilities for personal growth and satisfaction can be worth the effort, even if you should fail. As any educator will say, you learn from your mistakes. An entrepreneur will tell you that you can make those mistakes pay off." - James P. "Jim" Boyle, Founder, Ombudsman Educational Services

"Don't give up your day job. Start small. Don't throw in all of your capital. Use part-time people to the extent you can. Put in as many extra hours as you can to build a foundation. Make sure that you can take some risks, even make some mistakes. Give yourself ten to fifteen years. Be ready to sacrifice." - Forrest A. Broman, Founder, The International Educator

"Be sure you have something to sell which will be of value to someone. There has to be an audience or receiver for what you are selling. Also, while the ideas are important, they are meaningless unless they are presented well."
Dr. Arthur L. Costa, Founder, Search Models Unlimited

"Have a fixed goal while pursuing flexible strategies, establish a clear sense of direction while encouraging experimentation and risk taking, set well-defined areas of responsibility while allowing operational autonomy, invest in the long term while demanding short-term performance, and focus on purpose as well as profits." - Dr. Jan Davidson, Founder, Davidson and Associates

"There are always glitches and challenges along the way. I have been grateful for the many blessings that have allowed us to recover from stumbles and mistakes, regroup, and move forward again. I believe our success ...comes from the quality of our people and their belief in our mission, as well as the passion to work things out regardless of difficulties and challenges...I see things very differently, in a much wider scope than I would have if I had not had the entrepreneurial experience." - Kay Fredericks, Founder, Trend enterprises, Inc.

"Think about what you might do because you really have to love it. Be sure you have enough resources to last a few years with very little money coming back in." - Cynthia P. Huereque, Founder, Eraser Dust and Alpha Teaching Tools

"First, you really need the support of your family. They can make or break you. Then you need to sit down with a competent accountant and talk about your situation, because there are all kinds of things that you can do to your advantage that you would normally never know about. And you need to have courage, because it is a scary step, and you are not going to find out what is going to happen until you do it." - Dr. Eric A. Kimmel, Founder, Shearwater Books, Ltd.

"I would encourage anyone thinking of striking out on his own to try it - to adopt a 'can do' spirit. The worst thing that might happen is that you might fail, but in the long run doing something you no longer enjoy, can certainly be evidence of even greater failure." - Robert E. Kreischer, Founder, Mounds Park Academy

"You have to do your homework. There are a lot of decisions involved. People have to be willing to sacrifice. It is critical for people to be passionate about what they are doing. Passion is a driving and energizing force for anything we do well." - Blanch and John Linton, Co-Founders The LPD Video Journal of Education

"Overnight, the primary source of our funding was gone. We had learned to love what we were doing. We knew we were good at it. So, we decided to take a chance." - Larry Lusvardi, Founder, Educational Field Studies

"First of all know your values are in the right place. Entrepreneurship is a roller coaster. It's a ride. There are wonderful moments and there are moments of significant worry and fear. Be prepared for both success and failure." - Dr. John M. McLaughlin, Founder, The Education Industry Group

"Make certain that providing quality education for children is your primary motivation for going into business and not just profit. Profit will come if you provide a quality product or service!" - Dr. Grace L. Mitchell, Founder, Green Acres

"Have a very clear vision of what you want to do. Be service oriented. Think creatively and do everything at a very high quality." - Dr. Barbara J. Rossier, Co-Founder, Rossier School

"Know your market... Be willing to spend a gazillion dollars and have enough confidence that you're going to get a return. Being an entrepreneur takes a combination of self-confidence and a willingness to risk it all." - Cathy Rush, Founder, Future Stars

"Work hard, stay competitive, and be tenacious." -Frank Schaffer, Founder, Frank Schaffer Publications

"Any entrepreneur or dedicated business person will know that you eat, sleep, drink, and breathe the business. It never really gets easy." - Beverly Stewart, Founder, Back to Basics Tutorial Services

"You need people you can talk with. People you can trust. It is critical to have people with whom you can discuss your ideas, your concerns, your joys, and sorrows." - Dr. Cynthia L. Warger, Founder, Warger, Eavy and Associates

"Make sure you go into something you love. Something that has meaning to you. If you do, your passion will help you to sustain your energy over the long haul. Find and motivate good employees, and persevere when a solution isn't obvious. Make sure you deliver quality." - Kenneth E. White, Founder, Success Lab