Some New Edentrepreneurs

Over the years as we have been continuing our efforts to encourage and support the concept of the entrepreneur in our schools, we have encountered many people who share our enthusiasm. We have had the opportunity to meet with and network with many with similar interests and commitment to the necessary changes leading to better learning and teaching. It is our desire to introduce these new "educational entrepreneurs" to you for at least two purposes: 1. To help celebrate their successes 2. To encourage you to continue your efforts to bring new products, services, programs or technologies to children and schools. This feature will not take the place of our intent to identify the EDUPRENEUR OF THE YEAR.


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After nearly 10 years of classroom teaching, Ruth Beauchamp moved into the world of teacher support and credentialing. Since 1999, Ruth has trained, coached and provided professional development for 1000s of teachers and mentors.

In 2010, Beauchamp founded Oranda as a clearinghouse for educational best practices. Her first product, recessitate(tm) is a result of her commitment to engaging learners. Recessitate has 24 color-coded card activities that teach students to calm down, wake up or gear up for learning. Recessitate™ is a classroom and stress management tool that meets national social-emotional, physical education, health and California educational standards.

Beauchamp's journey to create recessitate™ was a three year process and originated from her many classroom observations with either or both stressed out students and teachers. Her expertise in classroom management, background as a health, life-skills and physical education teacher, as well as her interests in teaching the whole child, provided her with the insight to create a tool to refresh students and teachers.

The pilot for recessitate™ was initiated when a teacher associate of Ruth enthusiastically asked to try out Beauchamp's idea. A handful of other teachers with students ages 4-18 joined in for a successful pilot. This success, coupled with teacher and student enthusiasm for recessitate™, encouraged Ruth to move forward with production, which included the following:

Business/Marketing Plan, Branding. Naming. Find a manufacturer, copy editor, artist, web developer, and fulfillment center. Rally encouragers and like-minded individuals. Entrepreneur course. Visualize success. First draft. Second Draft. Third Draft. Final Draft. Copyright. Trademark. Prototype. Bank account. Business license. Seller's permit. Shopping cart. Three years later, welcome recessitate™.

Find recessitate™ and share your educational best practices at www.orandaworks.com.